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3PCS Car Rear Front Cargo Trunk Toolbox Luggage Rubber Mats for Tesla Model 3 2021-2022

3PCS Car Rear Front Cargo Trunk Toolbox Luggage Rubber Mats for Tesla Model 3 2021-2022

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Protect your car from dust and other debris with our rubber car mats. This set comes with three car mats - front trunk mat, rear trunk cargo mat, and rear trunk toolbox mat. It's designed to keep your car's carpeted cargo area clean. The car mat set is made for Tesla Model 3 2021-2022. It's crafted from quality thermoplastic top material, which makes it durable and longlasting. Additionally, it's foldable and flexible, made from 100% recyclable material, and comes with one year warranty. For a better fit, the car mat is custom moulded and laser cut. It has high edges that offers complete protection along the sides. So you don't have to worry about dust particles accumulating in the corners and edges. Furthermore, the car mat has non-slip backing and offers great resistance to changing weather conditions, water, oil, and other chemicals. Convenient and practical, it can be easily cleaned with water and detergent to keep it looking desirable. It's also odour-free, which makes it perfect for those who are at risk of developing allergies. Purchase this efficient and reliable rubber car mat today for your vehicle.

Protects the carpeted cargo area
Premium quality TPR top finish
Custom moulded and laser cut
Non-slip backing
High-edge coverage
Easily cleaned with water and detergent
Resistant to Water, Oils, and other chemicals
Unaffected by temperature or changing weather conditions
100% recyclable material
Fits Tesla model-3 2021-2022

Top Material: TPR(Thermoplastic rubber)
Application: Fits Tesla model-3 2021-2022
Colour: Black
Assembly Required: No
Number of Packages: 1

Package Content
1 x 3pcs Trunk mat set

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